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June 20, 2007



Beautiful scenery! I agree, life is in a weird place when you're waiting for a dog to poop.


Beautiful pix!!


My god those are beautiful pictures!! Very cool!! I especially dig the b&w one!

On another note - I taught my oldest beagle to poop on command. I'd say "go boo boo" (no idea what started that) and he would poop right then. Even if he didn't have to, he'd squat and try. It was quite handy, like when it was raining or snowing...or if I was in a hurry. Maybe I should train your friend's dog. ;)


Huh, I must have passed you on my way back!


Seriously, those first 2 pics are extraordinary... what camera did you take them with??

That's really impressive... really enjoyed looking at them..


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