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October 24, 2006



And to think... I ALMOST stopped reading yesterday! I think I will steal this meme tomorrow morning...


Dead Like Me---ROCKS.

Thug Darth Putas aka Softball Slut

I totally stole your MEME. thank you


Reflecting on #7. Your dad, actually our father once asked me if I knew anyone famous or important. I told him that my husband's cousin was the father-in-law to Hugh Hefner. Kim Hefner the gal of choice. Needless to say, our father was none too impressed. Coughed a bit when told. Anyway, you mentioned "ancestors" and I think good old Hugh qualifies.


But reconsidering, perhaps Hugh's more of an "antique" rather than an "ancestor."


She went so secret agent on me that I can't FIND her anymore! Damn that woman. I will have to email her again and hunt her dirty foul mouthed ass down.


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